Attention: All Homeowners

Make Your Home
Invisible To Termites

So Your Place Is The
‘Safest In The Street’

Make Your Home
Invisible To Termites

So Your Place Is The
‘Safest In The Street’

Want your home to be the safest in the street?

After nearly 20 years protecting thousands of people’s homes from termites, we’ve worked out the secret.

We’ve broken down the Top 5 Steps that when combined, can literally make your home the safest in the street…

Show Me The Top 5 Steps

“The one thing I will never forget, is the times I’ve been in people’s homes when they’ve been brought to tears, realising the true extent of the termite damage to their home…”


Are you the type of person that believe’s anyone can make a difference?
As a professional pest controller in the industry for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen many things. I’ve been chased by sheep, bitten by dogs, stung by wasps, uncovered lost artefacts and even discovered hidden drug labs… I’ve got so many amazing stories that I could tell you.

But the one thing I will never forget, is the times I’ve been in people’s homes when they’ve been brought to tears, realising the true extent of the termite damage to their home.

No insurance, no protection – nothing…

That’s when I started to realise, that something needed to change. Somebody had to do something to help people learn what to look out for and how to protect their home.

And that’s what Termite Secrets is all about. It’s 100% genuine, authentic and relevant information that can literally help make the difference in stopping termites and protecting your home.

My name’s Justin Arndt, and my mission is to share this highly valuable training with people from all around the world. So, no matter where you live, if termites are a problem in your area, then Termite Secrets will help you to protect your home and family.

Want to know exactly what the Top 5 Steps are that will help make your home the ‘safest in the street’?

We’ve worked hard and put it all together for you here, in one book. We call it the

Termite Secrets

5 Step Home

Protection System

And is the only place in the world you can get it.

So what are the Top 5 Steps?

    01 Knowledge

    02 Prevention

    03 Protection


    04 Inspection

    05 Early Detection

    These 5 Steps when followed together, create the absolute BEST level of termite protection for any home, anywhere in the world. And inside we break down each step for you with over 100 full colour images and action steps so you know exactly what to do, what not to do and where to look.

    But wait, that’s not all…

    We’ve really gone all out to try and give you absolutely everything you need to help make sure your home is the ‘safest in your street’ by combining our Termite Secrets – 5 Step Home Protection System with 3 FREE bonuses to create what we call the Termite Secrets Masterclass package.

    In our Termite Secrets Masterclass package you get:

    Termite Secrets – 5 Step Home Protection System: Download

    • Built from nearly 20 years of experience in the field so you know you have the information you can rely on.
    • Includes over 100+ full colour images so you can see exactly what to look out for around your home.
    • We break down all the myths that you have been told – find out what’s true and what’s not, once and for all.
    • A full image packed explanation of our famous 5 Step Home Protection System to help you make your home the ‘safest in the street’.
    • Packed with Action Steps at the end of each chapter so you know exactly what to do and what not to do to help protect your home.
    • As a valued customer of ours we will send you updated versions for FREE so you will always have the latest and most up to date information and training at your fingertips.
    • Perfectly located on your own device or computer, so you’ve got all the information you need to help protect your home and family

    Bonus 1 – The Home Inspection Guide

    • Built from nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of inspections, I will guide you step-by-step around your home so you can find the termites before they find you.
    • Learn the 3 most simple and powerful tools you need to help perform a thorough visual termite inspection – and you probably already own them.
    • Gain incredible insight with professional insider tips that can help make the difference between finding termites or walking straight past them.
    • Easily download and print out the latest version and go through the inspection of your own home, at your own pace, step-by-step at any time you choose.

    Bonus 2 – The Basic Termite Management Plan

    • Download it, print it off and hang it in your kitchen, laundry or office as the perfect reminder of when your next professional inspection is due, so that your home becomes safer than its ever been.

    Bonus 3 – The Best Termite Management Plan

    • Download it, print it off and hang it in your kitchen, laundry or office as the perfect reminder of the complete 5 Step Home Protection System.
    • We also designed it as the perfect reminder of when your next professional inspection is due, so that your home continues to be the ‘safest in the street’.

    Customer Reviews

    We think it’s great, but here’s just a taste of what 35 of our customers have to say…

    • “I think that it is essential for home owners to be aware of the damage termites can cause and Termite Secrets is the only practical source I have seen for obtaining the required information. I would look on it as inexpensive insurance.”

      L. Mackrill

      “Termite Secrets was easy, quick interesting and informative read, all you need to know to keep your house free of termites. Great photos and explanations of what a termite is, what it looks like, what to look for and what to do about it.”

      B. Thomson

      Buy it… It’s a very good and well set out book. Easy to read and understand what to look for. Something to keep in easy reach for reference.”

      I. Brown

      “Wow, you have obviously spent plenty of time producing this program. This will benefit so many people! Fantastic.”

      O. Thomas
    • “The information provided in Termite Secrets is all that’s required to keep a property safe and keep watch for the signs of any infestation, which would trigger a call to a professional to work their magic on these unwanted pests.”

      A. R Hodson

      The Action Items were fantastic, the list of things what to look out for, what to do to remove risk and the photos of termites and various examples of where they had caused damage were particularly helpful.”

      M. Davies

      Easy to understand and very good photos of the various problems found. A small investment when compared to the repair costs if termites are found.”

      R. Heath

      “Your home is most people’s biggest investment. Termites are a hidden threat. Termite secrets tells you what to look out for, how to minimise risk and how to protect your biggest investment. Great action lists and photos to guide and assist you in making and keeping your home termite safe.”

      R. Adamson

    • “It is worth the investment, to have in one place the information you need to protect your house from termites. It is an invaluable reference tool that you can review once every 6 months or so and to prompt you to review your house for signs of termites.”

      K. Wilson

      “Whilst all such information is probably available if you search for it, Termite Secrets pulls it all together in one place. It puts the cream on the cake; the cake being our regular pest inspections.”

      T. Power

      Wonderful, a great incite on white ants, their patterns and what to look for.”

      B. McCaull

      Very informative. A lot of info and very well written.”

      R. Adamson
    • “I found Termite Secrets to be an easy to read practical home protection manual. Assuming no knowledge on the part of the reader, it explains in straightforward language why termites can be such an expensive threat to the home and the simple steps owners can undertake to minimise their risk. It achieves this through extensive use of clear photographs, illustrations and examples and doesn’t flog any particular pest product or even the author’s own pest management services.”

      C. Arnold

      “I’ll be perfectly honest, I read through the first dozen or so pages (I’m not huge on the reading thing, so I loved the pictures), and the content was really informative. Justin has clearly spent plenty of time compiling this book and should be commended for it! Knowledge is nothing unless you can share it!

      M. Prescott

      The information is brilliant and illuminating – and clearly demonstrates the potential risks of termite activity. The biggest benefit of this read was the information regards recognising the termites and their activity – knowledge I appreciate having.”

      B. Jarett

      Definitely invaluable information for a top level view of these pests – will give a broad and simple understanding of the termite risk, appearance, activity and how to minimise exposure.”

      A. Cross
    • “Justin is an expert beyond compare in his field, his knowledge – simply and clearly delivered – will give any homeowner the confidence to look at their household pests and odd looking dirt piles and consider if they should not be ignored. He clearly sets out the potential options and benefits of professional maintenance and treatments – which, after all, are quite inexpensive. This book will prove beneficial to any nervous homeowner in being able to confidently minimise their risk of termite invasion.”

      R. Dalton

      “Everything was easy to understand, and having so many images was great, so I now know what to look out for.”

      G. Carney

      The true or false info was helpful, many of these are generally thought of as fact when they are actually false. There was lots of info included that most people don’t know.”

      G. Jamison

      “It contains helpful information that should be basic knowledge for all homeowners but most of us aren’t aware of.”

      E. Edwards
    • “Termite secrets is a well written, concise and long needed resource for Australian home owners. Termites are a fact of life in our country and not enough attention is given to the havoc they can cause. I must say that it reads like a horror story for lackadaisical folk, but that is exactly what we need to make ourselves aware of termite damage. By revealing the horror you have also given people the chance to be aware and prepared to protect our homes. You have made termite protection a much more manageable and less concerning topic fact By providing the 5 steps you give confidence to homeowners… I know I want my annual inspection every year! Thank you ( I know what I’ll be giving my 4 adult children come Christmas!).”

      R. Bodlay

      “I think your book is informative, easy to understand and would be helpful for people when they buy their first house so they will know and understand what to look out for and why.”

      S. Dougherty

      An excellent guide for termite awareness and a go to for those building a house to watch out for foundation work that provides easy access for termites.”

      J. Mackrill

      “The information in Termite Secrets will definitely help protect ones’ home, but it is critical to do the inspections regularly.”

      R. Allen
    • “I am a builder of 30 years’ experience and against my own better judgement I stored left over timber under my house. I found the early stages of termite exploration under a small piece of timber. In that moment I felt exactly how previous clients have felt when I have informed them they have termites. Devastated. Having read Termite Secrets and knowing what steps to take to ensure a termite free house I am now confident this will not happen again.”

      R. Hoogervorst

      “Termite secrets is well written, constructed and professionally presented. This is a most thorough analysis of the termite issue and I am certainly better informed than I was. It has reinforced the wisdom of our decision to have annual inspections.”

      M. Gouldsbury

      Awesome book!! Very professional and informative…”

      A. Leyte
      Termite secrets is really helpful in as much as one will now be able to identify the critters in our wood pile, as we do have open fires in our 1879 property.”

      G. Medina

    • “I found Justin’s book a massive eye opener to the dangers that termites pose. Not being covered by house insurance and having termites destroy your home would be devastating! To see actual examples of how sneaky they can be like going up the 100 metre driveway sure gets you thinking… Made me ring up my local pest guy for a long overdue inspection.”

      A. Plota

      “Thanks Justin for putting the time and effort into writing this book. It’s made me more aware of what to look for and check around our home – inside and outside. Thank you.”

      L. Mahony

      “We have read your book about termites, this was so informative and such great illustrations and so very helpful to use to be more aware of what to look out for around the house as we had no idea before reading this book. We wish we had this information a long time ago.”

      B&V Armodoros

      “Thanks for an informative read Justin.. I had no idea what lengths termites will go to, just to get inside a house… I especially liked the termite Myth-busters at the start. I feel safer having more knowledge about termites and I loved the great photos that showed all the things to look out for as a homeowner. Thanks once again.”

      G. Palmer
    • “The book has alerted me to the near and constant danger of termite infestation. We already have an annual inspection and will continue to do so. We will discuss the need for installation of a termite barrier. Previous owners of our house had installed underfloor fans to keep the foundations dry but I had turned them off due to the noise level which could upset our neighbours. I’ve now turned them back on. I’ve also done an inspection using the guide.”

      I. Jackson

      I found this guide more than fascinating. It’s information shared in a simple format that allows a homeowner to protect their most important capital asset from termites. I especially loved the pictures, they helped me understand what to look for.

      I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained reading Justin’s guide. There’s no excuses now, I have everything I need to know for the ongoing protection of the buildings on my property from termites.”

      R. Gardiner

      “The Termite Secrets book is full of easy to understand information that could literally save you thousands. Along with my yearly professional termite inspection I now feel confident in keeping an eye out for early detection of termites before my next inspection rolls around. I now can recognise their nests, know what to look out for both inside and outside of the house to make sure I do my piece to keep them away from my home.”

      N. Momirovski

    So What’s all this worth?

    If we were to break down the cost of all of these items included in the Masterclass package, only taking into account just a fraction of the thousands of hours of experience involved in collecting them and the hundreds of hours compiling it all, it would look something like this:

    Termite Secrets – 5 Step Home Protection System $399.00
    The Home Inspection Guide $249.00
    The Basic Termite Management Plan $49.00
    The Best Termite Management Plan $99.00
    Total $796.00

    That’s nearly $800.00 but we’re not going to charge you anything like that. Not even close. We know a lot of people are struggling and out of work at the moment… so we’re pricing this program at the lowest price possible.

    Right now, you can get access to the
    Termite Secrets Masterclass package for just $27.
    That’s it…
    That’s a huge saving of over $765.00

    And if that wasn’t a great enough deal, we will also provide you with FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE.

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    That’s right, as a Termite Secrets Masterclass customer, you will also receive access to all updates to the Masterclass package absolutely FREE FOR LIFE…

    As our customer base grows, we will continue to add special bonuses and features to our Masterclass package that includes videos, audio, pictures and additional stories to help make it even easier for you to make your home the safest in the street. But be warned, this special price won’t last long and then it will be gone, forever… Very soon the price will jump to $197.00 for our Masterclass package.

    So, if you haven’t already, sign up now to guarantee this amazing price.

    One Time Payment

    Total Package Value $796.00

    Get Yours Today For Just


    Save Over 95%
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    Just one payment of $27.00 AUD and receive instant access immediately after purchase.

    You’ve Got Nothing To Lose…

    100% Satisfaction

    30 Day Money Back

    This is the real deal, we believe Termite Secrets Masterclass is the greatest online training in the world to help you ‘the homeowner’, protect your home and family from the devastation that termites can cause. We have put all our heart and soul into this program to give you everything we feel you need to help make sure your home is the ‘safest in the street’.

    But if you feel Termite Secrets is not of any help to you, then within the first 30 days of purchase we will gladly give you all your money back! Once refunded though, you will lose all rights to your FREE Lifetime of updates…

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    Just one payment of $27.00 AUD and receive instant access immediately after purchase.